October, 2017

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Sun sets on summer; hello Autumn!

A couple of early October sunset photos to illustrate the end of summer and the beginning of fall ... top photo by Phil V, second photo by Bad Patty Luecht (both of the east side, where the sunsets are always spectacular!).

Commodore's Comments
Happy Fall Y'All! Hopefully everyone is as delighted with the warm weather we've been having since Labor Day as I am.  It's hard to believe it's truly Fall by the weather, but as I see more and more piers and boats coming out of the water, I have to accept the fact that Fall really is here. I hope everyone gets out and enjoys the local orchards and pumpkin patches -- it's good for the soul.

Hopefully we have lots of lake folks at the Soup Challenge on Saturday, October 14. This is our last BLYC function for the season -- so please take the opportunity to visit with your friends and neighbors -- and fill up on soup -- another thing that's good for your soul. If camaraderie and eating aren't enough reason to come to the yacht club, another reason you'll want to come to the Soup Challenge is to pick up Birch Lake t-shirts! $20 for long sleeve ($22.50 for extended sizes) and $12.50 for short sleeve ($15 for extended sizes). Get them before they're gone!

"In October, a maple tree before your window lights up your room like a great lamp. Even on cloudy days, its presence helps to dispel the gloom." ~John Burroughs

Enjoy your Fall!
~Commodore Karen

Reminder: Soup Challenge is Oct. 14 at the BLYC
While I love the warm weekends we've been blessed with, I'm hoping we get cooler weather on the 14th so we're all ready to sample soups prepared by our wonderful Birch Lake cooks. Dig out your favorite soup (or chili) recipe and whip up a big ol' pot of deliciousness! For those bringing soup, please arrive at 5:45 pm so you can get your crock pots plugged in and be assigned a number for voting. For those that are not bringing soup, please come at 6 pm, and bring a dessert or appetizer. There are a limited number of beverages left from our summer events which will be available for consumption -- please feel free to bring along anything else you may want to drink.

Sewer to be pressure cleaned
We have recently received word that the township is going to pressure-clean our sewer system staring on or about Oct. 16 (should take approx. 1 week to complete). If you had problems last time (5 years ago), you are advised to take precautions. For further information contact the Porter Township office at 641-2375 or the Sewer Committee Member from Birch Lake, Karl Klappauf at 476-2663.

Barker Kids of the Month
Barker KOTM honors to Aurorable, granddaughter of Mike and Amy Lutz (north shore) and to Suzanna Kappel, one of the Quinlan grand kids. You Rock Suzanna! 

Garceaus organize Heddon trip

East sider and BLYC Past Commodore Blair Garceau and her "sidekick (aka husband) Bernie organized a recent trip to the Heddon Museum in Dowagiac for Birch Lakers. The trip included a stop at the Wounded Minnow Restaurant for dinner.

2018 BLYC Dues, Contributions & Donations
$____ - BLYC Member Dues ($30 / year)
$____ - BLYC Associate Member Dues ($10 / year)
$____ - Homeowners’ Assoc. ($10 / year)
$____ - Sailing Fees ($15 / year)
$____ - Building Improvement Fund
$____ - Fireworks Fund
$____ - Water Quality Program
$____ - Milfoil/Loosestrife Eradication
$____ - Safety Committee
$____ - Other non-party related expenses
$____ - BLYC Roof Fund
$____ - Misc.
Total contribution:
Include your name and address and checks payable to:
BLYC, c/o Deb Spratt at 18100 Farmington Hills Drive, South Bend, IN 46637
Lake Temperatures

Thanks to Steve Quinlan (west side) for the lake temps throughout the year ...

Tentative 2017
Birch Lake Calendar

October 14 - Soup Challenge, 6 pm
October 29 - Memorial Mass for Stanley Pitakos, Our Lady of the Lake, Edwardsburg, 8 am
May 19 - Spring Dinner
June 30 - House Walk
July 7 - Fireworks
July 20 - Ladies Golf
July 27 - Men’s Golf
October 10 - Soup Challenge

Dates and times subject to change.
More info as available.
Watch for updates!

BLYC Classified Ads
Wanted:  used pontoon in good shape with engine. $10,000 budget. Call barb at 630-263-3958

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BLYC Contacts

2016-17 BLYC Officers

Karen Curtis Miller, Commodore (E)
Angela Bergan, Vice Commodore (E)
Deb Spratt, Treasurer (N)
Mike Sheffieck, Secretary (W)
Pat McGann, Fleet Captain (N)

16-17 BLYC Directors
Greg Bolin (W)
Ed Chester (E)
Harold Cranmer (W)
Terry Dugan (S)
Celia Fallon (E)
Chas Grundy (E)
Patty Luecht (E)
Sarah Petty (N)
Claudia Phipps (N)
Vickie Rogers (C)
Rick Russwurm (N)
Scott Troeger (E)
PJ Vandewalle (E)
Phil Vitale (E)
Sandy Vitale (E)
Bob Waddle (E)
Sue Williams (S)

non-director attendees
Jim Bolinger BLYC Homeowners’ Association Chairman (E) 476-9737(E)

Paul Fallon, BLYC Water Quality Committee
Chairman (E) 476-1467


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Barker Funnies


Just a couple more ...

Hey, it could happen to anyone ... but, yes, that's the Troeger's Moomba (east side) floating free after the last Birch Lake Flotilla of the year.

Just a few of the sailing trophies in the home of former Birch Laker Earl Troeger (south side). Thanks to new Fleet Captain Pat McGann (east side) for the photo.

Thanks to Pat McGann (east side) for the nice rainbow pic ...